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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart has been an activist for the Earth and the animals since age 8, where she grew up 10 minutes from the McDonald’s headquarters. In 2008 she founded VAUTE, the category creator of vegan apparel, "one of the most innovative businesses in NYC" (BusinessInsider) in the bottom of the recession without outside investors or a background in fashion. She has been named “the Next Stella McCartney, the Rebel of fashion week” by CNN, “paving the way for future compassionate designers” (U.S. News & World Report), a “fashion mogul without compromising morals” (NYLON), and a “Gamechanger, embodying courage, creativity, & conviction” (Conde Nast.) [Photo by Nick Onken, for Animal Haven]

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Photo by PETA

Photo by PETA

as a speaker

Leanne has spoken to audiences in Seoul, Toronto, Beijing, and Tulum as well as across the United States on topics from Impact through Entrepreneurship, Conscious Consumerism, Ethical Fashion, Female Entrepreneurship, and Building a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Life.

Photo by Nick Onken

Photo by Nick Onken

as a consultant

Leanne brings her intimate in depth knowledge of the conscious consumer and current marketplace from more than 20 years in the conscious consumer movement and a decade as a pioneer in the ethical lifestyle market. She is available to consult with select clients in creating an ethical collection or product line.

Photo by Daisy Rey

Photo by Daisy Rey

as your coach: Launching soon

For a limited time, Leanne will be taking a few one on one coaching clients on, offering her 10 years of experience through starting and growing a disruptive business including concepting, bootstrapping, funding, hiring, grassroots marketing, and more as well as sharing the hard lessons for creating a healthy and happy life as an entrepreneur.



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